Our Mission is to provide the highest possible quality of orthotic and prosthetic care to each individual requiring our services on a national level. Ozark Prosthetics will consult and work with the physician, physical or occupational therapist, case manager, or any rehabilitation team member to ensure that the patient receives the most effective and appropriate orthotic or prosthetic care possible. We hold a continuing commitment to uphold the high standards established by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC).

  • To ensure that care is accessible to those in need.
  • To provide patient education.
  • To provide individuals the freedom and independence they deserve and to return them to active lifestyles.
  • To provide the finest levels of patient care.
  • To have the most qualified and professional employees on staff.
  • To make and deliver the highest quality devices for each individual.

To improve peoples’ mobility

Fueled by a determination to seek out and seize new opportunities, Ozark Prosthetics is simply to improve people’s mobility. Our vision is to become the leading company in its field, exceeding the expectations of its customers and maintaining a strong focus on continuous improvement.

As part of Ozark Prosthetics ambitious and working environment, the organization fosters three core values:


“We aim always to show respect by adhering to facts, by fulfilling promises and admitting failures. We nurture honest communication throughout the company.”


“We use resources wisely, with effective planning and communication and optimized processes each helping to minimize costs across all areas of the business.”


“Open to change, we strive constantly for improvement and challenge unwritten rules. We show initiative and take risks, while taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.”