The POWER KNEE™ works as an integrated extension of its user, synchronizing motion with that of the sound leg.

The world’s first powered prosthesis for above-knee amputees, the POWER KNEE offers unprecedented levels of functionality and performance. It replaces true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required.

When walking on level ground, the user is gently propelled forward, allowing greater distances to be covered without becoming as tired as before. On stairs and inclines the knee actively lifts the user up the next step, producing a secure and natural ascent, foot over foot. By gathering sensory information one step ahead of the prosthesis, the POWER KNEE is unique in its ability to anticipate and pro-actively provide the function appropriate to daily activities.
One of the most striking secondary benefits is the power it offers amputees to climb a flight of stairs, foot over foot. The assistance offered by this motor powered prosthesis to walk up steep inclines, along with the capacity to simply sit down or stand up from a chair more efficiently, are also recognized as significant advancements.

“The knee walks smoother, it reduces the strain on my residual limb and my lower back and even my family and friends compliment me on my gait. I just know the knee will swing out for me, so that leaves me free to focus on how to improve my walking.”

Bill Dunham

“I hadn’t been able to walk up stairs foot-over-foot since I lost my leg. To be able to do this again is an indescribable feeling.”
The Stairmaster

“Walking up inclines with a gradient of up to 25° is no longer an impossible obstacle since the knee lifts me up each step I take and pushes me to the top of the incline. I could never do this on my previous prosthesis!”


By restoring lost muscle function, instead of joint mobility alone, the POWER KNEE™ manages to restore the functionality lost after amputation like no other prosthetic knee system that has gone before.