The newly redesigned RHEO KNEE® is an advanced prosthetic device that liberates its users to focus on their chosen activity, instead of having to think about how they are walking.

New developments in Össur’s proven bionic technology mean that the RHEO KNEE can recognize and respond even better to the most subtle changes in walking speed and terrain. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, it continuously learns and adapts to an amputee’s walking style and environment.

As a result, it restores people’s ability to walk naturally, comfortably and confidently at any speed.
What that means for amputees:
Össur’s unique bionic technology means that the RHEO KNEE is continuously  learning how people walk, making its movements smoother and more attuned to individual users with every step they take. The knee offers the smoothest swing extension ever experienced. Fast, as well as smooth, it delivers on a number of levels:
  • Increased security with confident extension on stairs
  • Easier to initiate swing
  • Greater freedom of movement, especially in tight or crowded situations
  • Better toe clearance at slow walking speeds
  • Overall, an extremely natural, confident and energy – efficient gait.
The new RHEO KNEE provides unparalleled safety, even for less agile or heavier users. Its design incorporates multiple safeguards against inadvertent stance release, which means it is far less likely to give way at crucial moments. Any disturbances in the walking path are recognized automatically and stance support is instantly activated to protect the user from a potential stumble and fall.