The Evalutation

The Patient Evaluation

Your evaluation with your Practitioner is focused on your needs. It is centered around solutions that are best for your. The Practitioner will make decisions based around years of experience, listening to you and working together to come up with goals to achieve your needs and to accommodate your lifestyle.

Ozark and Prosthetics Evaluation Image


Your initial visit will be focused on what will be needed to achieve a good outcome. Your Practitioner will do this by finding out what your expectations are, your limitations, and your goals and desires. If you already have a prosthesis or orthotic the practitioner will examine those as well. 

What is the Initial Evaluation:

If your are a lower extremity amputee the Practitioner will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your functional ability. To do this the Practitioner will test your alignment of the body and body strength. If you are a upper extremity amputee the Practitioner will test your upper body strength and functional ablility. If your are here for an Orthotic the Practitioner will conduct similar tests to determine your functional ability to determine the appropriate device for you.

This visit will give you an opportunity to meet your care team that will consist of your Practitioner, insurance coordinator, and scheduling staff so we can better assist you in your needs.

In most cases your care will require multiple appointments. We will strive to make you feel right at home. If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to ask anyone in your care team. We are here to help you achieve all your goals.