Upper Extremity Prosthetics

An Upper Extremity amputee is someone that lost an arm or a hand. There are many more options today for an upper extremity amputee than ever before.

Lightweight sockets and advances in technology has made all this possible. 

Upper Extremity Sockets

The prosthetic socket is the critical component in all our upper extremity designs. Each socket is custom crafted to fit the bone, muscle, vascular and neurological areas of the residual limb. The end result is a custom fabricated socket that has total contact with all the surfaces of the residual limb. That means increased comfort, increased muscle function, better suspension and superior range of motion.

Technology Advanced Prostheses

Electric powered or myoelectric prostheses offer a much more radically different approach than to many conventional designs. With a large selection of different grip patterns and hand positions, a myoelectric prosthetic hand is designed to handle almost anything that you need to do, from eating meals, carrying bags, opening doors, switching on lights, and even typing. There are Individual motors in each finger which allows you to move the hand and grip in a natural, more coordinated way